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Trump: ”Schlonged’ is not vulgar’

  • December 24, 2015

As he often does, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to defend one of his insults — in this case, the term “schlonged.”

Two days after saying that Hillary Clinton got “schlonged” in her 2008 Democratic primary loss to Barack Obama, Trump tweeted that “once again” the mainstream media is being “dishonest. “‘Schlonged’ is not vulgar. When I said Hillary got ‘schlonged’ that meant beaten badly.”

More than a few people noted that “schlong” — a Yiddish word

“We are not responding to Trump but everyone who understands the humiliation this degrading language inflicts on all women should,” said Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

Little more than a month before the Iowa caucuses, Trump continues to lead Republican polls — including a CNN/ORC survey

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