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Why This Newly Discovered Shark Is A Real Ninja

  • December 24, 2015

The researchers gave a newly identified shark a systematic name of Etmoterus benchleyi, in loyalty to a creator of a film “Jaws,” Peter Benchley. 

But Vásquez wanted a common name to be additional special, so she enlisted for helpher younger cousins, who are between a ages of 8 and 14.

They went over a few names, including Left Shark Lanternshark and Super Ninja Shark, until finally settling on a name her colleagues would find some-more reasonable: Ninja Lanternshark.

“The common name we have suggested refers to a shark’s color, that is a uniform neat black as good as a fact that it has fewer photophores than other class of Lanternsharks,” Vásquez told HuffPost. 

“We felt those singular characteristics would make this class cat-like like a ninja.”

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