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Unexplained Bright Light Spotted In Night Sky Over California And Nevada

  • December 23, 2015

Some speculated that a light competence be a sharpened star from the Geminid meteor showerbegan on Dec. 4

Several aviation and continue officials pronounced a light was not an aircraft, BuzzFeed reported. Ian Gregor, a orator for a Federal Aviation Administration, told a news opening that he had “no idea” what a intent was. McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas also reliable that it was “not a plane

As KTLA-TV noted, a unclear drifting intent gimlet similarities to one speckled in a California sky in November. In that case, a light was from an unarmed exam missileby a U.S. Navy

UPDATE (12/23, 1:15 a.m. ET):the “streaking fireball” was Russian space debris

The light, pronounced Ziegenhorn, was “caused by a Russian SL-4 rocket physique that reentered a atmosphere somewhere above Arizona.”

The rocket had been launched on Dec. 21.

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