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Watch Two Strangers Make Beautiful Music Together In A Paris Train Station

  • December 23, 2015

One male had usually sat down during a piano and started personification around when a second man, in a white shirt, approaches and observes admiringly. At a 1:10 mark, a second male jumps in, augmenting a strange music. 

The dual group hardly demeanour during any other as their combination grows, though some-more and some-more travelers stop to watch as it becomes apparent something pleasing is unfolding. 

The group unequivocally strike their walk around a 2:50 mark, afterwards shake things adult again around a 4:30 mark, during that indicate a whole sight hire seems to have stopped in astonishment of them. 

After their large finale, they finish with zero some-more than some bashful shrugs and a high-five, proof once again that song is not usually universal, though truly magical. 

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