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Hugh Power Makes Bikes, Chopsticks And Shoelaces From Gold

  • March 30, 2015

If anyone deserves to be called a real-life King Midas, it’s jewelry designer Hugh Power.

The Beverly Hills-based artist runs the House Of Solid Gold,

He even once made a gold toothpick for rapper Snoop Dogg, according to an episode of Secret Lives Of The Super Rich,

But Power’s pride and joy may be his $500,000 mountain bike made with 24-karat gold.

The chain, spokes and pedals are all covered in gold, and its emblem has 500 black diamonds and 600 yellow sapphires.

The bike’s logo on the front has 500 black diamonds and 600 yellow sapphires and the seat is covered in alligator skin. The final touch: a custom water bottle made of gold and wrapped in stingray hide.

Despite the blinding price, Power is confident he can sell it.

“There’s so much money out there and they’re looking for places to spend it,” he told the show.”You’ll always remember who gave you the gifts of gold.”

Gold Mountain Bike

Jewelry designer sells this solid gold mountain bike for $495,000.

Gold Chopsticks

These chopsticks made of silver that is plated with 24K gold cost $1695.

Gold Reading Glasses

For $75,000, these 18K glasses will allow you to see the price tags on other extravagant items better than before.

Gold 18K Earbuds

At $14,995, these gold earbuds are a sound investment

Gold Shoelaces

Power invested more than 120 hours to making these 24K gold shoelaces, hence the $14,995 price tag.

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