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Gina Rodriguez’s Poignant Childhood Story Illustrates The Need For Diversity In Film, TV

  • March 30, 2015

New York — Gina Rodriguez has never been bashful about pointing out a need for some-more farrago on television

As one of a hosts during PG’s Orgullosa forum “Nuevas Latina Living Fabulosa” on Wednesday, Rodriguez and her co-hosts, including Entertainment Weekly match Nina Terrero, radio celebrity Angie Martinez, and “Today” uncover character consultant Lilliana Vazquez, spoke about what it means to be Latina today.

One assembly member thanked Rodriguez for being a purpose indication to her daughter, and Rodriguez responded with a personal story about her childhood.

gina rodriguez
From left to right: Rodriguez, EW match Nina Terrero, Radio Personality Angie Martinez and Style Expert Lilliana Vazquez.

“You know when we was younger — it’s crazy though it’s so true, and I’ll never forget this since my mom reminds me also — we asked her, ‘When were Puerto Ricans born? When did Puerto Ricans come about?’ And she’s like, ‘What are we articulate about?’ And we was like, ‘Like when did it happen, was it in like a ’50s?’ And she was like, ‘What are we saying?!’ And we was like, ‘Well since we don’t see us anywhere. we don’t see us on a TV, we don’t see us in a cinema we love. When did it happen?!’ And she’s like, ‘We’ve always been around and we will tell those stories one day.’”

“And that’s [why] it is so critical for us to have people that we can describe to, that we do know came from a identical credentials since afterwards we feel like we belong,” a Chicago-born star continued. “And Hollywood is really critical to make certain we are revelation those stories, and they’re not opposite stories than anybody else, we’re all human. We all wish a same things. But it’s good to have those faces on shade since afterwards we belong. We have desire, we have drive, we have power, we know a energy during a immature age. we wish to give my children energy and let them know they’re not singular by anything — really not by a images that we’re given each day.”

This is not a initial time that Rodriguez has oral about a impact that a miss of farrago in film and radio had on her childhood. Before a entrance of a CW’s “Jane The Virgin” and a star’s Golden Globe win, a singer spoke frankly on a subject

“I didn’t turn an artist to be a millionaire,” she told Buzzfeed.

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