UC-Berkeley Soccer Player Killed By Car On Highway After Leaving Party

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A University of California, Berkeley soccer actor who left after withdrawal a weekend celebration was killed by a automobile as he ran opposite a Los Angeles freeway, military conspicuous Monday.

The 19-year-old freshman, Eloi (eh-loy) Vasquez, died early Saturday on eastward Interstate 10 about a mile from a University of Southern California after he was seen withdrawal a companionship party, a California Highway Patrol said.

A lady conspicuous a male ran in front of her and she was incompetent to equivocate attack him, conspicuous Officer Edgar Figueroa, a CHP spokesman. The male was struck only easterly of Vermont Avenue. The review is ongoing.

Vasquez was conspicuous passed during a scene. He was not carrying identification, that set off a blank persons hunt until a coroner could brand him.

Vasquez, who was on open mangle in Los Angeles, had left a celebration to take a travel with no income and no wallet, family and military said.

His mother, Wendy Margolin, conspicuous he after called a friend, revelation her he was mislaid and in trouble.

The family had offering a $100,000 prerogative for information about his whereabouts.

“Needless to say, we are heartbroken, we are ravaged on anticipating out this news,” Wesley Mallette, associate jaunty executive during a Berkeley campus, conspicuous during a news conference.

“Eloi Vasquez was a smashing immature man, a illusory tyro athlete, dedicated and clinging to all he did.”

Vasquez’s soccer teammates during Cal were sensitive of his genocide during a some-more than hour-long meeting.

Vasquez had trafficked with other teammates to Southern California for a mangle and was ostensible to lapse Monday for a start of second semester, manager Kevin Grimes said.

“Eloi was a smashing teammate. He was really tighten to all of his players. Our guys are lamentation flattering tough right now,” Grimes said.

Vasquez, a beginner midfielder, had harm his knee during a year and was still recuperating from medicine in December.

His manager described him as one of a hardest workers on a team, who always stayed after practice. His girl soccer coaches would have to change a close on a apparatus strew to safeguard he didn’t work too tough on his own, Grimes said.

“When we mix his talent turn with that genius it was a protected gamble that he was headed to a MLS” – a U.S. veteran soccer league, Grimes said.

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/30/eloi-vasquez-uc-berkeley_n_6973606.html?utm_hp_ref=los-angeles&ir=Los+Angeles

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