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Ex-Disney World employee told investigators he shot videos up women’s skirts more than 500 times

  • April 24, 2023

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told USA TODAY in March. On a cruise ship or in a hotel, guests can report the incident to security. If travelers are overseas at the time, she said, they can also call the nearest U.S. embassy.

Experts also recommended taking photos or videos for evidence, where applicable. 

If a traveler encounters someone spying on them in real-time, Pasquarello said they should get to safety and find someone to help them. “There’s a lot of escalation that can happen in a situation like this,” she said.

When crimes like those occur, Michael Winkleman, a maritime attorney with Lipcon, Margulies Winkleman, P.A., said, travelers “can press charges against the perpetrator and then the matter is in the hands of the prosecuting authority.” Travelers can seek to hold the perpetrator and the hotel, cruise line, or other company civilly responsible and pursue monetary damages, as well, he said.

Contributing: Kathleen Wong, USA TODAY; Associated Press

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Nashville, Tennessee. You can reach him at

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