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This gorgeous 4K video of Earth from space will inspire you to become an astronaut

  • January 01, 2017

Damn. That’s all you can really say after viewing this 4K video of Earth from space. NASA astronaut Jeff Williams captured the video while aboard the International Space Station. I don’t think there’s any way to describe it other than “stunning.”

There are already plenty of pictures and videos of Earth from space—astronaut Scott Kelly shared a beautiful image or two during his time on the ISS. But every time something new is released, it’s hard not to look on in awe. Seeing Earth from over 200 miles above sea level will never get boring.

What’s particularly cool about the video is not only the gorgeous visuals, but Williams’ account of seeing Earth from that perspective.

“You see things at a different scale and I think you can grow in your appreciation for what Earth has to offer,” Williams says. “To view the Earth from space, especially from a photographer’s point of view, it’s a target-rich environment. The ocean currents and the vastness of the ocean, in particular in sun glint. The cloud formations and other weather patterns are a never-ending variety.”

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Williams goes on to talk about how you can see the history of Earth from orbit, along with signs of agriculture and civilization. It’s amazing how the perspective opens up a person’s eyes to what humanity has accomplished, and what Earth has to offer.

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