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Marta: What it means to be The Best

  • January 01, 2017

Marta’s coherence is such that her inclusion as a Finalist for The Best FIFA Women’s Player 2016 outlines a 12th time in a final 13 year-end awards that she has been in a tip three. The feisty, clever brazen won a conspicuous 5 awards in period from 2006 and has also played in 4 FIFA Women’s World Cups™ and Olympic Football Tournaments.

One of 8 Olympic flag-bearers during a Rio 2016 opening ceremony, she was a personality on a Brazil side that finished fourth on home soil, and was also partial of a row of football experts that chose this year’s nominees for a FIFA Puskás Award, a FIFA Fair Play Award and a FIFA Fan Award.

When asked a 30-year-old maestro about being nominated and either winning large particular prizes such as The Best Football Awards are proclivity for her, Marta was specially humble. “Of march each actor during this turn dreams about winning a esteem like that,” she said. “I can't explain how it feels really. Maybe when we am finished personification we will be means to contend improved how critical it was to me. we still don’t trust we am one of a best players in a universe even yet we have been during these awards many times.”

Commonly concurred as one of a many gifted players a women’s diversion has ever seen, Marta has also set herself detached with a clever work ethic and her ardent efforts on a pitch. Her concentration on improving is still as clever as ever notwithstanding her success, and her committed opinion comes out when asked about another outing to Zurich for The Best. “The usually things we consider about are doing as good as we can in each diversion with my bar and inhabitant group and display a younger players a approach to play, how tough we have to work and to have good habits.

“But, of course, we would be really unapproachable and happy if a things that we have finished have finished people consider we am one of a best players this year. But we don’t consider about it.”

Women’s football on show
Often referred to as a ‘female Pele’ – even by a three-time FIFA World Cup™ leader himself – Marta has finished most in her career to win over football fans to a women’s game. Along with her decorated skills and noted goals, she has also been a friendly envoy for a competition around a world, winning trophies with clubs in Brazil, a United States and Sweden. She says that FIFA’s joining to ancillary a growth of women’s football globally and fixation it so prominently within The Best FIFA Football Awards is a good help.

“It is so critical for women’s football to be concerned in this kind of ceremony,” she pronounced referring to a 9 Jan 2017 event. “We know there are differences between a men’s and women’s game, though it gets closer and closer, and we get improved and better. It’s good that FIFA is so critical about women’s football since it shows there is ardour for a diversion and that creates even some-more interest. So for immature girls who are only starting to play a game, they have heroes they can demeanour adult to.”

Obviously a favourite of supporters and football insiders alike, Marta backs carrying fans play a partial in voting for a awards, though records that it is critical to keep a opinions of experts weighted. “I consider it is engaging to have fans involved, who after all consider with their hearts when it comes to a game. But it’s critical that coaches and captains are concerned since they know what we have to do in football each day to get to that place. They know what it means to be there, how tough we have to work to play that kind of football during a top, tip level.”

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