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I Am Setsuna developer teases next game with a new concept art

  • May 29, 2017

Last year surprised us with the lovely JRPG throwback I Am Setsuna from Square Enix and its newest studio Tokyo RPG Factory. Now, halfway through 2017, we have our first look at what is potentially the studio’s next game.

No title has been provided yet, but the official website updated with a brand new image that looks nothing from I Am Setsuna, thanks to the lack of snow and ample green imagery.

A likely release for North America

If this is a new game, it would most likely see a release in North America. I Am Setsuna launched to unimpressive figures in its home country of Japan, losing the studio a bit of money in the process, but in North America, it received a bit warmer reception from those who grew up on the likes of Suikoden and Chrono Trigger.

The positive reception in North America makes it prime for a localization. If Tokyo RPG Factory can iron out some of the issues newcomers had with I Am Setsuna, it should be a solid sophomore effort.

We’ll let you know when we know more. You can consider me excited in the meantime.

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