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Bandanas are one of the most useful accessories. These are my favorites

  • December 24, 2019


Whether you want to use one as a fashion statement, to wipe the sweat off your face during a long hike, block the sun, or keep dust out of your mouth while working in the fields, bandanas are a must-have accessory. Bandanas are handy, affordable, and look great. These are our favorites this year.

  • Oversized and tough: Army Universe Trainmen Jumbo 6-pack
  • Make a statement: Toes Home Outdoor 6-pack
  • A classic that still works: Levi’s Cotton Bandana
  • Wide and wicking: FAYBOX Bridal 6-pack
  • Multipurpose: Sojourner Bags Skull Series 9-pack

Oversized and tough

Army Universe Trainmen Jumbo 6-pack

Staff Pick

Army Universe bandanas are built tough for those who work hard and play hard. The generous 27″x27″ size lends itself well to working, camping, biking, hunting, hiking, and more. All four corners of these bandanas are sewn and reinforced, so the material never frays, unravels, or rips. The all-cotton bandanas are available in numerous color and design choices, including these classic-looking paisley prints. I love these for their heavy-duty construction, jumbo size, bold colors, and usefulness.

$23 at Amazon

Make a statement

Toes Home Outdoor 6-pack

Toes Home gets the prize for the coolest looking bandanas, but looks aren’t everything here, of course. These colorful polyester bandanas are stretchable and sweat-wicking. They’re the perfect choice for motorcycle riders, hikers, those who exercise outside, fisherpeople, and campers. The cloth measures out at 19.5″x9.7″, so they’re big enough to use as a neck gaiter, mask, or balaclava. Pick from a massive assortment of colors and styles with Toes Home. They have something to match any outfit in your closet.

$10 at Amazon

A classic that still works

Levi’s Cotton Bandana

Levi’s cotton bandanas have been a staple in closets and with workers everywhere since the 1800s. The cotton material is soft, never needing to be broken in or washed a bazillion times to loosen up, and they’re sized just right. This classic is useable as a handkerchief, headband, headwrap, wristband, tied around your neck, hair tie, or even wrapped around your dog. This pack of three comes with one red, one white, and one black bandana, but there are numerous color and pattern choices available.

$10 at Amazon

Wide and wicking

FAYBOX Bridal 6-pack

If you’re active, this pack of microfiber bandanas from FAYBOX Bridal is just the ticket to wick sweat away from your skin and keep you dry and comfortable. Designed as a headwrap, FAYBOX bandanas can be styled in 16 different ways, including wrapped around your head or neck, used as a mask or hair tie, and even as a stylin’ scarf. All bandanas are lightweight, tuck nicely in a pocket, purse, or backpack, and made to last.

$11 at Amazon


Sojourner Bags Skull Series 9-pack

I adore everything about Sojourner bandanas. The one-of-a-kind styling catches eyes, the color choices are bold and bright, and these are endlessly purposeful. Great for keeping out of the sun, wind, or cold, Sojourner bandanas are light as can be, made of sweat-wicking microfiber, and they fold down small enough to slip in a pocket. Wear these as a mask, scarf, balaclava, or any way you like.

$16 at Amazon

Our two cents

It’s not hard to locate bandanas these days, but it is a challenge to find high-quality cloths that do everything well. Those bandanas for me are from Army Universe. The big size, sewn edges, and durable build work make these the most useful bandanas I’ve ever carried. They’re fantastic for hiking, working, and tying hair back.

Toes Home bandanas also get high marks for original styling and practicality. Bold color choices are a highlight, naturally, but so is the build. The polyester material wicks away sweat and stretches enough to use these as a traditional bandana, hair tie, or face mask.

These bandanas from Sojourner have so many uses. The microfiber cloths can be a mask, scarf, balaclava, pocket rag, or wrist tie. They’re gorgeous in design and wick sweat away from the skin while you’re busy doing your thing.

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