The Best finalists: FIFA Legends have their say

  • Event in London reveals The Best final possibilities for 7 awards
  • Five FIFA Legends were benefaction to assistance betray a finalists
  • Di Matteo, Okocha, Scott, Shevchenko and Shilton spoke after a event

The finalists for The Best FIFA Football Awardsâ„¢ were announced during an eventuality in London, where a awards rite will be hosted on 23 October, and 5 FIFA Legends were there to assistance betray a final candidates. was there to get their greeting to The Best finalists announcement, with Roberto Di Matteo, Jay Jay Okocha, Alex Scott, Andriy Shevchenko and Peter Shilton all giving their views on a final nominees for a 7 awards who were denounced today.

Roberto Di Matteo
On since so many tip coaches have an Italian influence
I consider there is a good preparation for coaches in Italy. They have a low bargain of a game. Italy has a story of producing good coaches and managers. It’s a nation that has a feel for it.

Playing in Italy, it gives we good tactical recognition and that helps. Growing adult in Italy, bringing all a preparation to turn a manager positively is something that is partial of a fact that Italian coaches are great.

On his favourites for a Puskas Award
For me, Mandzukic’s beyond flog in a Champions League final was a good technical goal. Matic’s strike in a tip dilemma too. we also favourite a idea by a goalkeeper [Oscarine Masuluke], and a jubilee thereafter was singular too! we scored a few goals from 20-25 yards, so that’s my range!

Jay Jay Okocha
On a significance of being an hostess on a field
Football is a uncover and we have to suffer what we are doing. The many critical thing is to recognize when to do it and when to play for a team. That’s since [Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar] are a best players in a world.

His choice for a Puskas Award
I consider they were all extraordinary goals, though a one we will opinion for is a goalkeeper [Oscarine Masuluke] since it happens unequivocally rarely. It’s not only unequivocally singular for a goalkeeper to score, though to measure a bicycle flog in a final notation of a diversion as well. we consider it’s special.

Alex Scott
On The Best FIFA Women’s Player final nominees
I’m not astounded Lieke Martens is on there, she had a illusory UEFA Women’s EURO and what a Netherlands went on to grasp this summer was positively fantastic. Everybody knows what Carli Lloyd can do, she’s one of a names that we discuss when we pronounce about women’s football. The startling one for me is a youngster Deyna Castellanos. With a [Puskas-nominated] idea she scored and for a endowment to be voted for by players, captains, fans – she’s deservedly on there. In fact, when we demeanour during a 3 nominees, they merit to be on there.

On defenders not creation a tip three
There’s unequivocally a defender’s union! [laughing] Everyone loves a striker, and a fanciful goals they score. we consider for Lucy [Bronze], I’ve seen her work so hard. Everyone who watches her regards her as one of a best. But her time will come, she only needs to keep doing what she’s doing.

Andriy Shevchenko
On Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar
They are 3 unimaginable players. They all merit to win a award. Cristiano Ronaldo won a Champions League scoring dual goals in a final and Leo Messi is a illusory player, it was a good deteriorate for him. Neymar, I’m happy for him, in a final 5 years, it’s been a large foe between Messi and Ronaldo, and now Neymar is entrance into play.

On a significance of strikers
I consider forwards will always be adult there in these nominations. There is a vigour for a actor to perform who has to measure a goals. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar are scoring a goals though they are also leaders. They are scoring a goals, and make a teams win a trophies.

Peter Shilton
On a nominees for a initial The Best FIFA Goalkeeper Award
I was unequivocally gratified to see [Keylor] Navas in a final three. we consider he has finished unequivocally good during Real Madrid. He was my goalkeeper of a final World Cup when he was personification for Costa Rica. Very technically good, good character about him. Obviously, [Manuel] Neuer is unequivocally strong, good leader, and unequivocally tough to beat.

I consider [Gianluigi] Buffon would shade it for me. we consider he’s had such a illusory career. Obviously, he’s not removing any younger, though we consider that says a lot. He’s been so consistent.

On a significance of recognising goalkeepers
Goalkeeping is a second many critical [position] behind being a striker since scoring goals is a many critical art in football, though we consider goalkeeping is a unequivocally tighten second. If we haven’t got a unequivocally good goalkeeper, we unequivocally frequency have a good team.

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