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Request for information for a sustenance of arbitrate communication systems for a 2018 FIFA World Cup Russiaâ„¢

  • September 22, 2017

For a tournaments, quite a 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, FIFA intends to use video partner refereeing systems, theme to capitulation by The International Football Association Board (The IFAB) in Mar 2018. In a march of a trials with video partner referees (VARs), it became transparent how critical a entirely integrated arbitrate communication complement is to a project. 

FIFA calls for providers to offer an all-in-one resolution for communication systems that enables a representation referees to promulgate among themselves and with a VARs in a remote location.

The arbitrate communication complement consists of 3 core components: a units used by a referees on a pitch, a headsets used by a referees and a complement used by VARs. For a 2018 FIFA World Cup™, a VARs will be located in a centralised video operations room in Moscow connected around twine network (provided by FIFA) for all 64 matches. The comparison provider is approaching to yield all components of a system. For clarification, 3 (3) categorical officials need open-mic on-field communication devices; a fourth central (1) station in a technical area in a track should have push-to-talk options and a smallest of 7 (7) headsets for VARs and VAR operators in a remote location, of that dual (2) need push-to-talk capability – all communicating on a same channel. 

Providers should benefaction their resolution to FIFA as per a timeline below. Part of a offer routine will be a validation proviso of a offering solutions in sequence to consider a peculiarity and trustworthiness of a complement presented. It is needed that a operative product (no prototypes or products in development) be demonstrated in a live unfolding in a march of this demonstration. The accurate plcae and eventuality will be closely concurrent between a provider and FIFA. If successful in a initial phase, a provider should be accessible and means of delivering a complement for live contrast during a FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2017.

Technical specifications 
For a compare officials in a stadium, a unstable wireless receiver section and headset with a following smallest mandate are required:

Radio units (pitch) must:

  • be weather-resistant (minimum IP67-rated) and intensely durable
  • be compress and simply clipped or extrinsic in several positions (arm, tiny of a back, waistband, etc.)
  • include a strong headset tie that is cool to mud or liquid. Wireless solutions are not acceptable
  • Include sound cancelling to concede for transparent communication on a margin and with a VARs in intensely shrill conditions
  • include a approach of simply switching between frequencies/bands to capacitate use in several countries via a universe (pre-match set-up)
  • include strong encryption to forestall division with and interception of communications between compare officials
  • volume control 

Headsets (pitch) must:

  • be weather-resistant (minimum IP67-rated) and intensely durable
  • be light, and gentle to wear for extended durations of time and in all kinds of continue situations
  • allow for a use of custom-moulded ear inserts owned by a referees
  • include a ability to supplement push-to-talk (default should always be an open mic)

For a remotely handling VARs and VAR operators, communication inclination must: 

  • include noise-cancelling headsets
  • allow assignment of opposite roles (e.g. listening and speaking)
  • include push-to-talk
  • include visible confirmation, for instance a light, when a VAR communicates with a referee
  • be means to record audio feeds and make them accessible to a VAR record provider post-match

Any choice solutions that do not include of a above elements might be presented but, given a brief timelines, they are really doubtful to be implemented.


Phase 1


Until 06.10.2017

Expression of seductiveness and display of solutions

Until 31.10.2017

Assessment in a live sourroundings to be concluded on between a provider and FIFA. Validation of record in use

Until 06.11.2017

Creation of a shortlist and fine-tuning of mandate for proviso 2


Phase 2


Until 13.11.2017

Provision of minute offer for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russiaâ„¢


Final exam of comparison solution(s) in a live sourroundings during a FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2017 and comment of opening

Until 28.02.2018

Selection of provider for a 2018 FIFA World Cup Russiaâ„¢

Companies wishing to benefaction a resolution should hit

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