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Timothée Chalamet meets Oompa Loompa Hugh Grant in new ‘Wonka’ footage, debuts ‘Dune 2’ trailer

  • April 26, 2023

Timothée Chalamet pulled double duty Tuesday at CinemaCon, but even he was upstaged by the sight of an orange-faced Hugh Grant as an Oompa Loompa.

At the convention for theater owners and studios, Chalamet introduced fresh footage for two of his upcoming high-profile star vehicles: the sci-fi sequel “Dune Part Two” (in theaters Nov. 3) and the prequel origin story “Wonka” (out Dec. 15).

The “Wonka” sneak peek reveals the main narrative: how Willy Wonka became the greatest chocolatier in the world. Yet he’s still an eccentric dude even as a youngster, as Chalamet’s character concocts an assortment of sweets in his room (one of which makes people fly) and has big dreams of owning his own chocolate shop – although there’s a candy cartel that stands in his way. 

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The wackiest moment involves Willy chatting with a small Oompa Loompa – played by Grant – who threatens him with a song he’ll never get out of his mind. (In reality, his little flute tune just annoys Willy.)

“Wonka” felt like an opportunity to play a version of the character “that is full of joy and optimism and hope,” Chalamet said.

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Chalamet was joined on the CinemaCon stage by director Denis Villeneuve and co-star Zendaya to debut the first trailer of the “Dune” sequel. The second installment picks up where the 2021 film left off, with Paul Atreides (Chalamet) and his mother (Rebecca Ferguson) taking shelter with Chani (Zendaya) and the Fremen tribe.

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