Why a Oval Office? Looking during Obama’s past addresses

Sunday night’s Oval Office residence will symbol usually a third time President Obama has addressed a republic from his middle sanctum.

For other presidents, a Oval Office has been a go-to venue for critical speeches. President George W. Bush used a bureau 6 times, Bill Clinton 12 times and Ronald Reagan used it 15 times, according to a Boston Globe.

“The President will yield an refurbish on a ongoing review into a comfortless conflict in San Bernardino,” a White House pronounced in a statement. “The President will also plead a broader hazard of terrorism, including a inlet of a threat, how it has evolved, and how we will better it.”

In Aug 2010, Obama discussed the finish of U.S. fight operations in Iraq

“So tonight, we am announcing that a American fight goal in Iraq has ended,” he said. “Operation Iraqi Freedom is over, and a Iraqi people now have lead shortcoming for a confidence of their country.”

Just a few months earlier, on Jun 15, a boss discussed a inauspicious oil brief in a Gulf of Mexico

“Tonight I’d like to lay out for we what a conflict devise is going forward: what we’re doing to purify adult a oil, what we’re doing to assistance a neighbors in a Gulf, and what we’re doing to make certain that a disaster like this never happens again.”

In a past, Oval Office addresses have noted moments of good significance, including George W. Bush’s debate after a Sep 11 apprehension attacks on a World Trade Center and a Pentagon; Reagan’s residence when a space convey Challenger exploded; and Richard Nixon announcing his resignation. President William Howard Taft was a initial to use a Oval Office in 1909.

Contributing: Kathy Kiely, USA TODAY

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