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Trump shows finish mastery of Facebook conversation

  • December 28, 2015

Donald Trump is reaching new heights in his mastery of a domestic review on Facebook.

In a week before Christmas, a GOP front-runner generated only over 50 million interactions on Facebook — likes, shares, posts and comments — scarcely double a sum 29.6 million sum of all other presidential contenders, according to information supposing by a amicable media service.

The 50 million interactions from 14 million singular users represent Trump’s top sum for any week of a year. Trump tallied 41.6 million interactions on Facebook a initial week of September; a top sum of any of his competitors was a 28.3 million interactions Hillary Clinton racked adult when she announced her campaign in April. Clinton tallied 9.4 million interactions a week before Christmas; Bernie Sanders got 6.5 million.

The sum interactions for a initial 3 weeks of Dec denote only how many of a review Trump consumes: Trump, 98.9 million; Clinton 22.9 million; Sanders 14.5 million; Ted Cruz, 13.7 million; Ben Carson, 6.7 million. Nobody else was over 5 million.

Trump’s prevalence of a on-line contention is not new, though it is removing bigger. Of a 20 many active weeks on Facebook among all a presidential possibilities in 2015, Trump accounts for 17 of them, a other 3 belonging to Clinton.

It is also value observant that there were 25 instances this year of a singular claimant being discussed by more than 5 million unique Facebook users in a week. Three of those instances were Hillary Clinton; one was Bernie Sanders; a rest were all Trump. Trump has surfaced 10 million singular users articulate about him 3 times. No other candidate hit that miracle in 2015.

It is value observant that this data makes no try to partial a view of a comments being posted; a poignant share of a review about Trump (and a rest of a candidates) is substantially negative.

Here’s what a Trump Facebook trend line looks like, from the Facebook Barometer

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