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Gun control activists reason Newtown burial nearby U.S. Capitol

  • December 10, 2015

Several hundred gun control advocates and family members of gun assault victims hold a burial in a church a few blocks from a U.S. Capitol to flog off a weeklong decoration of a 2012 sharpened during Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Joined by Senior Advisor to a President Valerie Jarrett, a burial was partial remembrance, partial gloomy domestic rally. Connecticut Democratic Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, and several other lawmakers were in attendance.

The Dec. 14, 2012, sharpened was a deadliest mass sharpened during a high propagandize or class propagandize in U.S. history. Adam Lanza, 20, killed 20 children and 6 expertise members before murdering himself.

Since then, a tragedy has been a focal indicate for gun control activists who contend that Newtown and other high-profile U.S. mass shootings underscore a need for worse gun laws.

Jarrett told a organisation collected Wednesday during St. Marks Episcopal Church that while Congress stays reluctant to pass new restrictions, President Obama will continue to pull for gun control. The administration is looking to cities and states to exercise new laws, she said, as good as seeking new efforts Obama can make by executive action. “We contingency continue to mount together in a face of asocial domestic failure,” she said.

The vigil, sponsored by a Newtown Foundation and Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence, is a initial of hundreds of gatherings designed around a nation heading adult to a Monday anniversary.

Maria Pike of Chicago pronounced after her son Ricky was shot and killed during age 24, she became concerned with a Newtown families group, since “I had to do something.” She pronounced she now serves as “survivor rendezvous lead,” reaching out to other gun assault victims to inspire them to turn advocates.

“We try to lift recognition in Dec since this is a month, wherever we come from, Dec is when care reigns.”

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