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The Army Makes A Major Change To Those Iconic Dog Tags

  • December 10, 2015

Since 2007, a Department of Defense has been trying to revoke a usehas proven difficult

“More and some-more systems are going to go to a DoD ID series as record catches adult with us, and we are means to proviso out a Social Security number,” Klemowski pronounced in a release.

The Army’s new dog tags will be rolled out solemnly on an as-needed basis. 

“This change is not something where Soldiers need to run out and get new tags made,” Klemowski said. “We are focusing initial on a crew who are going to deploy

The Army has been regulating dog tags for more than a hundred yearsCivil War soldiers would pin pieces of paper

In further to Social Security numbers, complicated dog tags embody a soldier’s name, blood form and eremite welfare (to support with funeral services). The latest change will hopefully revoke a risk of temperament burglary for soldiers.

With a stream dog tags, Klemowski said, “If we find a span of mislaid ID tags, you can flattering most do anything

The Army remarkable a process change in a new Department of a Army Pamphlet 600-8-14the usually use branch

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