Fact check: The ‘King of Whoppers’ for 2015 is Donald Trump

It’s been a ensign year for domestic whoppers — and for one teller of high tales in particular: Donald Trump.

In a 12 years of FactCheck.org’s existence, we’ve never seen his match.

He stands out not usually for a perfect series of his factually fake claims, though also for his contemptuous refusals to acknowledge blunder when proven wrong.

He is by no means a usually one revelation whoppers, of course. Once again this year there are copiousness of politicians, in both parties, who wish electorate will swallow their fake claims. Hillary Clinton, for one, pronounced she was “transparent” about her use of a private email server, when in fact she wasn’t. That was one of a fraudulent claims she done about her surprising email arrangement while secretary of State.

But Trump surfaced them all when he claimed to have seen nonexistent radio coverage of “thousands and thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey entertaining a fall of a World Trade Center towers on 9/11 — and afterwards surfaced himself by perfectionist that fact-checkers apologize for exposing his explain as fantasy. And that’s usually one example.

Here we’ve assembled, as we do each year during this time, a inexhaustible sampling of a many far-fetched, twisted or officious fallacious claims done during 2015.

In past years, we’ve not singled out a singular explain or a singular person, and have left it to readers to decider that whoppers they cruise many egregious.

But this year a justification is strenuous and, in a judgment, conclusive. So, for a initial time, we consult a pretension “King of Whoppers.”

Trump’s Falsehoods

We won’t get into Trump’s argumentative process positions; it’s not a fact-checker’s purpose to offer opinions on possibly it’s a good thought or a bad thought for a sovereign supervision to bar Muslims from entering a United States or to kill a families of terrorists, for example. What we concentration on here are some of a many cases where he’s only wrong on a facts.

We start with his Nov. 21 explain to have watched on radio as “thousands and thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey were “cheering”

“Never happened,” former state Attorney General John J. Farmer, a Republican nominee who after served as a comparison warn to a 9/11 Commission, wrote

In a tweet

And Trump’s fake explain about “thousands and thousands” of Muslims is only partial of a settlement of inflammatory claims with small or no basement in fact. Here are some some-more — and it’s not an downright list.

• Trump boasted that he “predicted Osama bin Laden.” Nope

• Trump “heard” that Obama is “thinking about signing an executive sequence where he wants to take your guns away.” If so, he misheard

• Trump pronounced he “heard” a Obama administration skeleton to accept 200,000 Syrian refugees — even upping that extravagantly false series to 250,000 in another speech. Nopenope

• Trump pronounced he got to know Putin “very well” while a dual were on CBS’ 60 MinutesNope

• Trump claimed his discuss is “100%” self-funded. Nope

• Trump pronounced his taxation devise is income neutral. Nopeestimated

• Trump told a story of a 2-year-old who got autism a week after a child got a vaccine. But there’s no evidence

• Trump pronounced Mexico doesn’t have a legacy citizenship policy. It does

• Trump claimed credit for removing Ford Motor Co. to pierce a plant from Mexico to Ohio. Ford says that’s baloney

• Trump denied that he ever called womanlike adversaries some of these things: “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and outrageous animals.” He used all of those terms.

• Trump pronounced in Jun “there are no jobs” to be had, when central statistics were display 5.4 million pursuit openings — the many in 15 years

• Trump claimed mercantile expansion in a U.S. has “never” been next 0 — until a third entertain of 2015. “Who ever listened of this?” he asked. Except it’s not unheard of

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This is only a sampling of a falsehoods and exaggerations that lead us to endowment a “King of Whoppers” pretension to Trump. See our full and up-to-the-minute record on him

Clinton’s Whoppers

But adequate about a Republican front-runner. Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has told some whoppers, too.

Her Private Email Account:

• Clinton said in July

• Clinton after pronounced her personal email comment was “allowed by a State Department.” Federal manners available a use if work emails were recorded before s

• Clinton pronounced “turning over my server” to a supervision shows “I have been as pure as we could” about her emails. But she did so in Aug — after a FBI non-stop an review into probable mishandling of personal information. Months progressing — in Mar — she had deserted calls to spin over a server to a neutral party, observant “the server will sojourn private.”

• Clinton pronounced “everybody in supervision with whom we emailed knew that we was regulating a personal email.” Perhaps so. But even President Obama pronounced he did not know that she conducted all her supervision business regulating her personal email comment and private server.

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Other Democratic Whoppers

Clinton’s Democratic rivals for a 2016 presidential assignment weren’t innocent, either.

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Other Republican Whoppers

Fiorina on Planned Parenthood Video:

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Carson on Choosing to Be Gay in Prison:

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Bush on Climate Change:

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For fact-checkers, 2015 has been a whopper of a year. We wish we won’t see another like it, or feel compelled to name another King of Whoppers, for a prolonged time.

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