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What A Flash!!! Naked Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Driving 110 MPH

  • December 09, 2015

A Florida male is confronting charges after military allegedly clocked him driving during 110 mph — while naked.

A Florida Highway Patrol officer arrested 33-year-old Noe De Jesus on Saturday afternoon after pulling over a speeding Cadillac streamer toward Naples, Florida, on a widen called Alligator Alley, reports.

Officers lift over extreme speeders all a time, though it’s protected to assume a guard will never forget his confront with De Jesus.

When a automobile stopped, a officer beheld a motorist wasn’t wearing a shirt and had an open 12-pack of Corona subsequent to him.

But a guard got a warn when he asked a motorist to step out of a car. It was afterwards he pronounced that he beheld DeJesus was sheer naked,

According to a detain report, DeJesus told a officer he did not have a permit and declined to take a margin seriousness test.

The officer claims that a think also smelled of alcohol, slurred his debate and had bloodshot eyes. 

In further to a Corona 12-pack, a guard allegedly noticedthree dull drink bottles, 3 scarcely dull drink bottles, one scarcely dull bottle of Crown Royal whiskey and 3 womanlike companions. 

The detain news does not discuss if a women were nude.

DeJesus was arrested on charges of DUI and pushing though a license. He was taken to a Collier County Jail.

The guard pronounced when DeJesus was being ecstatic to a jail, he banged his control on a assign enclosure and was crying. DeJesus allegedly told a officer he was contemptible and knew he should not have been driving.  

The think eventually fell defunct in a unit car and began to snore, a news states.

One of a womanlike passengers told a officer she was in fear for her life when DeJesus was behind a circle though did not call military since a think “is not easy to work with.”

DeJesus was expelled on $6,000 bond,

According to Collier County Sheriff’s Office records, DeJesus been collared before for all from gun charges to unfinished control to grand burglary auto, a New York Daily News reports.


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