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How Cyclists Are Causing Cities Worldwide To Rethink Bike Safety

  • December 09, 2015

So São Paulo’s new bike lanes, that came as a warn to we during filming?

It came as a sum surprise, for me and for a bike activists. we was propitious to be in a place where change happened; we happened to locate one of a wilful moments. First was the genocide of this womanlike bicyclistthis man who mislaid his arm

You speak about cars and bikes — what about open transit?

I’m of march wakeful that open transformation is essential, though my pursuit as a filmmaker is infrequently also to prominence a conflict, and we suspicion a approach of doing that is pitting bikes contra cars, since they are representing, let’s say, dual extremes of city planning. The bike is kind of like a apparatus to make cities denser again…

[As] inner cities are removing unequivocally expensive… a people who are on bikes are a people who can means to live in a cities. So that’s a new challenge, how to embody people who have smaller resources. How can they be partial of this society? How can they have a right to be on a bike? we consider mobility altogether is a tellurian right.

A good multitude has good mobility for all, so if we have a multitude where a lowest partial of a race has to spend dual or 3 hours on ride each day, they are deprived a tellurian right. But of march what happens in American cities is people with a lot of income are also deprived of their leisure of mobility since they’re spending so most time in traffic.

The thought of biking infrastructure and bike lanes is mostly seen as partial of a call of gentrification mostly function in whiter and some-more abundant neighborhoods. Are there ways to make it some-more inclusive?

It’s a absolved upper-middle category who’s doing this bike revolution, and they are doing it since they have a opposite domestic energy than a bad people in many countries. So if we are a partial of that group, if you’re some-more absolved and you’re partial of a bicycling movement, we should consider about it — we mean, not criticizing yourself, since what we do is right, though find a approach to embody people.

You can suppose if you’re a bad family vital in a suburbs, people are spending 25 percent of their income on a automobile in a U.S. It’s a lot of money. So if we could cut a automobile spending divided and put [it] into propagandize for your kids or health caring or food, it would make a ruin of a difference.

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