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Scientists May Have Discovered A New Kind Of Humpback Whale Sound

  • December 09, 2015

Biologists have long known that humpback whales use different sounds — including clicks, whistles and pulsed calls

But one researcher has heard a set of mysterious, low-frequency sounds

“Imagine a heartbeat,” Jim Darling, a research biologist at Whale Trust Maui

To be clear, no one knows for sure that the previously unheard sounds are actually being made by humpback whales. But on various occasions since 2005, the sounds have been heard while humpbacks were in the vicinity of recording equipment. In the most recent case, the release says, “any fluctuation in volume appeared to match the whales’ approach to the boat, and no other species of whales were known to be in the area at the time.”

One theory, National Geographic reports, is that the sounds could be related to mating

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