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Casey Molter Trashes ‘Psychic’ Girlfriend’s Car After Granny Sex Dream Prediction: Cops

  • January 05, 2015

A Florida man’s greeting to a premonitions of his allegedly penetrating partner was anything though predictable.

Police in Vero Beach pronounced Casey Molter, 28, trashed his girlfriend’s 1997 Nissan Altima after a supposed penetrating allegedly told him his passed grandmother would seem in his dreams and, as a news put it, “commit an surprising sex act to him involving an adult amorous device,”

The occurrence happened Nov. 24, though recently came to light around

Officials were called to a couple’s unit around 7:45 a.m. to mangle adult a earthy rumpus between Molter and his girlfriend.

During a fight, the think allegedly shop-worn his girlfriend’s car

After a military and a partner left, Molter allegedly shop-worn a automobile serve by outstanding a side counterpart on a newcomer side, deflating a tires and flinging a used condom onto a car.

Molter allegedly wrote “love notes” on a automobile windows regulating creams and lotions, reports.

When military questioned Molter, he pronounced his partner is a “spiritual person” who can tell people about their dreams.

Molter told military that when his partner told him that his grandmother would shortly be appearing in one and regulating a sex fondle on him to boot, he could not get a picture out of his head

Molter was arrested on a rapist effect assign and expelled on $500 bond.

He is due in justice after this month.

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