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Jeremiah Patterson Found Naked At CVS Curled Up On Doggie Beds

  • January 05, 2015

Jeremiah Patterson contingency have been dog sleepy final Tuesday evening.

Police in Lutz, Florida, have indicted Patterson of stripping exposed before going to sleep

Patterson, 22,allegedly entered a CVS store around 8 p.m., went to a men’s room and forsaken his drawers, The Smoking Gun reports.

Once Patterson was in a buff, witnesses pronounced he walked out of a lavatory and true to a pet section. Then he allegedly grabbed 3 doggie beds, took them behind to a men’s room and laid on tip of them,

Patterson, who a military news records is homeless, is now confronting charges for licentious or lewd exhibition.

He stays sealed adult on $10,150 bond, according to The Smoking Gun.

The Floriduh blog points out that Lutz, Florida, is home to during slightest dual clothing-optional communities,

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