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Two Innocent Black Men Shot By Police, Then Falsely Accused Of Murder

  • December 09, 2015

LOS ANGELES (CN) – An Inglewood military officer shot down dual trusting and unarmed men, but warning or questions and but identifying himself, a group contend in Federal Court.

Thirty-five-year-old Robert Pickett, of Los Angeles, and Darryl Lewis, 39, of Gardena, contend they spent a day barbecuing burgers with friends and were picking adult some dumbbells and checking on one of Pickett’s cousins after midnight on May 24, 2011, when Officer Mike Bolliger pulled adult and came out shooting.

Pickett says Bollinger “parked his automobile during a corner, got out armed with his shotgun cocked, installed and prepared to fire” and shot them.

“No questions asked, no weapons seen, no difference offering or exchanged. Defendant Bollinger bloody 3 shotgun rounds during a untimely and unarmed plaintiffs, distinguished them and wounding them as they sought to take cover from assault, withdrawal them in vicious condition, draining face-down on a ground,” Pickett says in a Dec. 3 complaint.

The group contend Bollinger was responding with no partner or backup to a news of a home advance spoliation by dual black group who competence be armed with handguns, during a unit formidable where Pickett’s cousin lived. The “sketchy information” about a robbers pronounced usually that they were black men, according to a complaint. Lewis stood by a confidence embankment during a front of a unit complex, smoking a cigarette, while Pickett punched in a pass formula and pronounced he was going to see his cousin.

Then, “Without warning, but investigation, but believe of who was in a area, of who a suspects were or what they looked like, and in defilement of all training and customary military protocol, [Bollinger] approached a unit embankment and immediately shot Mr. Lewis and Mr. Pickett,” a censure states.

Pickett, a handyman who has a son and was intent to be married during a time, suffered 7 gunshot wounds, including one to his head.

Lewis, a father and father of four, was shot once in a behind and 3 times in a legs.

After other officers arrived and handcuffed them, a group say, “It became apparent that a wrong group had been shot as a outcome of Bolliger’s rash, forward and life-endangering conduct.”

Though they lay draining and handcuffed, “in vicious condition,” a group say, a officers “set out to cover adult a sharpened of these dual innocent, unarmed men.”

To tip it off, they say, “While pushing with forward desert to a scene, they ran over a pedestrian, in a cranky walk, murdering her.”

Below, plaintiff Robert Pickett speaks about a occurrence on a authorised affairs podcast hosted by Ian Wallach. The talk starts during 18:07.

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