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Top 22 Highlights Of The Los Angeles Lakers’ 2014-2015 Season

  • April 07, 2015

What a deteriorate for a Los Angeles Lakers, huh? There were some good times this year for a many storied group in NBA story (sorry, Celtics fans), and afterwards there was a immeasurable infancy of a sight mutilate differently famous as a team’s 2014-2015 campaign.

With a Lakers’ year circuitous down, we suspicion we’d take a demeanour behind during some of a many noted moments of a team’s year. Without serve ado, a highlights of a clusterf–k differently famous as whatever a ruin usually happened:

That time a one earnest immature player See we subsequent year, Julius Randle.

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(Source: YouTube)

That time Laker fans went apoplectic over a video of “Los Angeles Lakers indicate guard” (LOL) Steve Nash golfing Always fun when a conduct manager feels compelled to contend something like this:

That time Kobe Bryant pennyless a NBA’s all-time record Congrats?

This Kobe missed shot in particular Why?

(Source: Deadspin)

That time Kobe compared a Lakers’ other players to a renouned code of toilet paper.

And afterwards a toilet paper code motionless to qualification a “cool” response.


There was this Kobe quote “I’m ostensible to use and get better, Mitch. I’m ostensible to use and get better. These motherfuckers ain’t doing shit for me.”

Then there was a time Kobe Bryant mislaid so most faith in Jeremy Lin that he just motionless to do his job To be fair, he should have fouled.

And then Wasn’t a good sign.

Who could forget that time it was announced that Kobe was out for a season Again.

Or that time Kobe plainly despised his teammates so most that he usually went completely wordless on Jimmy Kimmel He was asked to respond to this video of a players celebrating after a incomprehensible victory:

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And had this reaction:

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Ooooh, and who could forget when Tarik Black committed three turnovers Lane violation, double dribble, shot time violation.

Oh, afterwards there was a time that Byron Scott said, with a true face, that Kobe, who usually played 35 gamesshould be in a [MVP] conversationThe sound of a male sticking to his job.

That time Magic Johnson said, “I wish a Lakers remove each gameYou know it’s bad when a biggest Laker of all time is observant things like that openly.

And that time a group set a authorization record for waste in a singular season.April 5, 2015

Just this.

That time they usually forgot

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That time Jack Nicholson straight-up fell defunct during a game.

This fucking Jeremy Lin quote.

Whatever a ruin happened here.

And then, of course, there was that time that indeed won a diversion in overtime and everybody was pissed off during them.

Cool gamer-winner by a earnest immature indicate ensure Jordan Clarkson:

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Reaction that explains all about where a team’s year:

Maybe subsequent year, though substantially not.

Full disclosure: The author of this post is a revolutionary Lakers fan who knows this post binds small editorial value though usually indispensable to work by some stuff, okay?

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