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Here’s What Happened When A Troubled Liquor Store Also Started Selling Fresh Produce

  • April 07, 2015


This story initial seemed in Intersections South L.A.

A store stayed loyal to a new pretension of “Market” instead of “Liquor” by introducing uninformed food options after years of vigour from a community. And with that, a series of stores charity uninformed food options in South Los Angeles increasing nonetheless again.

Century Market is a many new wine store in a area to dedicate to stocking a venue with uninformed produce. The store located during Western and 39th Streets non-stop in a new incarnation final weekend, debuting shelves with uninformed fruits and other healthy food options.

“We now have something that’s internal for folks,” pronounced Ansley Jean-Jacques, who helped press for a mutation along with romantic classification Community Coalition. “They can now buy their eggs right here on 39th and Western.”

Community Coalition’s boss Marqueece Harris-Dawson commended internal residents for pulling for change.

“Everybody concerned in this took a mount opposite a standing quo,” he told a throng of 30 residents and activists collected outside. “The standing quo says a communities don’t eat fruits and vegetables so it’s not even value bringing it to them.”

fresh furnish jong soo park

Store owners Jong Soo Park prepares to give a debate to a throng attending a grand opening.

For a grand opening, a pointer reading “Fresh Produce Sold Here” hung on a store’s façade and oldies by The Marvelettes and Marvin Gaye bloody on a stereo. Students from Community Services Unlimited’s internship module ran cooking demonstrations and served locally grown fruits. And store-owner Jong Soo Park, vocalization in Korean by a translator, pronounced he designed to keep building his store’s tie with a community.

The atmosphere was starkly opposite from a one congregation might have encountered a few years ago.

In a late 2000s, internal residents along with Community Coalition, an classification focused on providing preventative, community-centered solutions to problems plaguing South L.A., picketed Century Liquor for being a disastrous change in a neighborhood.

In 2008, a store was announced a open bother and a city imposed 26 visual conditions on a store. Residents claimed that since of a ethanol sales, a dilemma captivated loiters, drug dealers and it speedy other forms of aroused function located opposite a library and park.

According to Community Coalition arch handling officer Joanne Kim, when city officials announced a store a open nuisance, it combined some-more lines of communication between a store owners and village activists.

Then, in 2013, a shutting of Ralph’s supermarket on Martin Luther King Blvd. and Western Avenue led to a pull to modify Park’s wine store.

“[South LA residents] would have to go out of their approach to get something uninformed or organic,” pronounced Cristian Marroquin, girl module coordinator during CSU, recalling a food opening that resulted from Ralph’s closing. After a supermarket sequence departed, Community Coalition in coordination with CSU hold events called Fresh Fridays to sell locally grown produce.

century marketplace sign

The store’s new pointer boasts a word “market” and not “liquor.”

Their mount was located during a dilemma of 39th and Western, only feet divided from Park’s store.

“It got Mr. Park to see how there is a direct for healthy food and that it creates a certain some-more safer atmosphere for him to operate, too,” pronounced Kim.

Park after concluded to put uninformed furnish in his store each day.

With a enlargement of Century Market, many residents now have some-more opportunities to get a ambience of healthier food options.

Many people during a re-launch pronounced they wish to see some-more conversions in South L.A., and speedy residents to get concerned in a efforts.

“We’re a ones who are going to emanate a change in a neighborhoods,” Kim said.

This story is partial of a partnership with USC Annenberg to try what’s operative in Los Angeles and beyond.

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