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Phylicia Rashad May Not Have Expected This Reaction

  • January 07, 2015

Phylicia Rashad, a singer who played Bill Cosby’s TV mother for many years, only pennyless her overpower about a passionate attack liaison that has been plaguing her former co-star. She denounced a accusations Cosby by some-more than 20 women“Forget these women,” she told ShowBiz411.

We asked a Huff/Post50 Facebook fans and readers what they suspicion of Rashad’s invulnerability and here’s what some of them had to say:

“How most did Bill have to compensate her [Rashad] to contend that?”“someone hired these women to contend all of these bad things.” “all honour for her.”

Maureen Warner found it “scary [that] she [Rashad] buys into a jive …[and believes] that a fake impression [he played on TV] is a covenant to his character!”

Kate McGahan thinks it’s only a box of concept denial. “We all, during initial moment, pronounced to ourselves ‘Oh no, it can’t be true.'” she said. But [Rashad] is in even “bigger rejection since she (thinks she) knows him improved than we do. It’s all a process.”

Others were a bit harsher. Donna Wohltman Kennedy pronounced that “As prolonged as The Cosby Show continues in reruns, she is creation income from it. If a lift a reruns, no income for her. So I’m presumption she would wish his bequest to be upheld, for her possess benefit.”

Lynn G. Coleman questioned “Who would wish to destroy his ‘legacy?'”

Vicki Hrivnak believes that Cosby is a one who “ruined his legacy!!” Hrivnak urged him to “own his mistakes and try to make it right before it’s too late.

Margaret Castillo Hernandez pronounced that a “problem is that Rashad was not there when these lady went by what they went through, so for her to contend anything … she should only stay out of it and let Bill Cosby answer for himself.”

Cosby is not yet his supporters, of course. Nancy Nemeth Caracciolo wonders since Cosby’s accusers “didn’t come brazen sooner,” and adds that she thinks, “Bill Cosby is a good guy.” And Melisa Cooksey Dulworth urged everybody to “let bygones be bygones” and only pierce on. She says that she “loves Bill Cosby to death.”

Nita Roper Hutchison pronounced she “would adore to trust [Rashad] since this has damaged my heart. we feel attacked of so many good memories of his performances. However, there is only so most fume for there to be no fire. we consider it is probable that some of a after claims are only courtesy seekers yet can see no reason for [some of the] women [to be] entrance forward. That said, though, we unequivocally wish that something happens to infer that Phylicia Rashad’s faith in her crony is justified.”

And afterwards there’s Susan Harden, who records that a story only gets “more baffling each day.”

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