Gloria Allred Introduces 3 New Bill Cosby Accusers, Criticizes Phylicia Rashad

In a Wednesday Jan. 7 press conference, counsel Gloria Allred introduced 3 women who have come brazen for a initial time to credit Bill Cosby of passionate assault.

Opening a conference, Allred criticized singer Phylicia Rashad, who played Cosby’s mother on “The Cosby Show,” for her new statements in support of a 77-year-old comedian“forget those women,”

Phylicia, we vouch to we that we will not forget these women, since women matter. They merit honour and dignity. Phylicia, we should be ancillary these women rather than fasten Cosby’s paid “attack dogs” who are perplexing to criticise them in any approach they can.

Accompanying Allred were 3 women introduced as Linda Kirkpatrick, Lynn Neal and “Kacey.” Each lady review a statement, describing their practice with Cosby in good detail, though disappearing to take any questions. The stories all followed a informed patterns of grooming, drugging and afterwards attack that have characterized all of a accusations opposite a famous comedian.


linda kirkpatrick

Linda Kirkpatrick with Cosby and her tennis partner


“He built my trust by sanctimonious to be a friend,” Neal pronounced in her statement. “He unperceiving and raped me. He tricked my trust and took advantage of me.”


The Huffington Post contacted Cosby’s member for criticism about these allegations, though had not listened behind during a time of publication.

In a QA after a statements were read, Allred addressed authorised options that she believed could be enacted given that a government of stipulations has upheld on all famous cases.

“I have been in hit with Mr. Cosby’s member in courtesy to a dual hurdles or invitations that we have offering to him. One was that he entice all a women to sue and he determine that he would not claim his government of limitations.”

She forked to a actions of Alan Dershowitz, a famous rapist counsel who was recently named in an purported underage harlotry and passionate abuse liaison who invited his prosecution to sue

Alternatively, Allred believes that settlement or intervention — a sealed door, trusted traffic between Cosby, his accusers and a late decider would be an appealing choice for closure.

Neither choice had been supposed by Cosby’s team.

Allred ducked steady questions as to how many unknown victims had approached her, though alluded to their existence.

“I have no doubt that there will be efforts to criticise any and all who come forward,” Allred said.

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