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MenEngage Video Shows How Old-School Gender Norms Hold Everyone Back

  • March 09, 2015

“You’re a man. Whoever a lady is, it’s their shortcoming to listen to what we say.”

That’s how one male defines masculinity in a new video combined by MenEngage.Org

The women and group featured in a video plead a tying gender roles for parents, women and group in relations and bland life. “It’s not only faith that we’re discussing. We’re deliberating genuine strength and blood tellurian beings, that are your brothers, your sisters,” one lady says in a video.

Debuted on Mar 5 during a International Conference on Masculinitiesthe UN’s HeForSheSheryl Sandberg’s #LeanInTogetherall

The video ends with a ideal statement: “We as group need to step up, and [women] need to support that… so that we can change a world.”

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