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Adrian Grenier’s Quest To Find 52 Hertz, The ‘Loneliest Whale In The World’

  • March 09, 2015

“Entourage” actor Adrian Grenier and filmmaker Josh Zeman devise to set out like Ahab

52 Hertz is concurred by many to be a loneliest whale in a world

Scientists first listened a whale’s songrange from 10 to 39 Hz

52 Hertz, they decided, was an anomaly.

Nobody has ever seen 52 — scientists have usually heard his soliloquiesrare hybrid of a blue and fin whale

Grenier and Zeman are currently lifting income on Kickstarter52: The Search For The Loneliest Whale In The World

“When we listened a story of a whale that calls out during a magnitude that no other whale can know and that has presumably called out for years and never perceived a response, it immediately struck me,” Zeman told The Huffington Post. “It was substantially since we was going by a dissection during a time, though we immediately connected with a story.”

Zeman shortly satisfied that several of his artist friends were desirous to emanate something around 52.

“That’s when we satisfied that there were all these people, all opposite a world, who are so overwhelmed by this story … there’s this singular quadruped swimming by a oceans who can’t seem to bond with his possess species, though connects so profoundly with a class — there were all these people articulate about him, and he had no idea.”

In further to 52’s story, the documentary will also demeanour atissue of sound wickedness in a ocean

While Zeman hopes they find 52, he says he’s excellent with a probability that they don’t.

“Expeditions are important, either we win or lose, since they hint curiosity. That’s so critical for a bargain of science. Not each answer is found on Google. Our speed is not only a earthy hunt for a whale, it’s an romantic hunt for a whale,” Zeman said, adding that, “A query to try to find one whale in a sea is a common thesis in a enlightenment — a irony is not mislaid on us.”

Below, listen to 52 Hertz’s singular song:

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