Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About ‘The Gigli Era’: ‘It Was Very Tough’

In a review with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, Jennifer Lopez spoke frankly about a many unpleasant duration of her extravagantly successful career.

“I consider a worst, lowest indicate was a whole ‘Gigli’ era,” she told horde Ricky Camilleri

The “Boy Next Door” singer certified that a accepting to a film — in that she starred conflicting Ben Affleck, who would go on to turn her fiancé — exacerbated a media courtesy that was already permeating her life.

“It was a unequivocally badly reviewed film,” she recounted. “I was in a high-profile attribute during a time that fell detached in a unequivocally bad way, and so a kind of brew of those dual things — a publication press had only come into existence during a time, so we was like a print child for that moment.”

“I was in a tabloids each other week about how my life was descending apart,” she continued. “It was a tough time.”

But fear not: a megastar endorsed that a benefaction — “without a doubt” — outlines a apex of her career.

“I’ve never felt some-more control as an artist. [I’m] means to collect projects that we adore and work on in each field,” she said. “[I] feel like I’m so most improved than we was when we started and [I’m] means to demonstrate that as an artist.”

Watch some-more from Jennifer Lopez’s review with HuffPost Live here.

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