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Your Commute Could Be A Whole Lot Cooler Now That There’s A Motorized, One-Wheeled Skateboard

  • January 22, 2015

An zealous snowboarder has reinvented a circle — all in a name of creation his invert some-more fun.

“I wanted to make a car where we could experience powder snowboarding

So Doerksen invented a Onewheel

onewheel flying

Onewheel, that was grown regulating several prototypes and funded on Kickstartera difficult complement of sensors and algorithms

According to DigitalTrends

onewheel graphic

A brushless heart engine is tucked inside a heart of a wheel

Riders gaunt brazen to go forward, gaunt behind to go backward, and gaunt on heels and toes to turn. Onewheel can go as quick as 12 mph

While a battery charges within 20 minutes, Doerkson’s company, Future Motion, says riders can usually go about four to 6 miles

Future Motion also offers an iPhone and Android app to bond a house to phones around Bluetooth. The app allows riders to fine-tune their roving experience

But with a brief battery life and large $1,499 cost tab (which doesn’t embody shipping), it competence be a few years nonetheless until Onewheel becomes some-more unsentimental for a normal commuter.

A Future Motion deputy told HuffPost that a association has already sole out and shipped a pre-order stock, though they’re holding online orders with a turnaround time of about 8 weeks from a Onewheel’s San Jose prolongation line.

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