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How The DOJ Ferguson Report Frames The Way We See LA’s Skid Row Shooting

  • March 06, 2015

Sunday’s fatal sharpened of a homeless manreport

Patrice Cullors, a co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter who marched to a LAPD domicile in downtown LA in criticism on Tuesday, spoke out about a LAPD’s grave past in a HuffPost Live review on Thursday. Cullors explained that notwithstanding differences between a Ferguson and Skid Row shootings, a genocide of Charley Saturmin Robinet during a hands of a military officer represents some-more of a same.

“No dialect during this indicate opposite a nation wants to be seen as NYPD or Ferguson,” she said. “No, LA is not Ferguson or New York. [But] LA is LAPD, who brutalized Rodney King, who has been a partial of some of a many curved scandals in a story of policing. LA has a possess terrible history, and we have to understanding with it as such.”

While a DOJ Ferguson news might have seemed like a feat for Ferguson activists, it came with a decision not to pursue polite right chargesMarc Lamont Hill

“We’ve gotta get over being vehement about a reports that arrange of already contend a things we knew about, and many organizations have already reported on this stuff,” Cullors said.

But there is still a china lining, Cullors added.

“Given that we do have this report, it does yield precedence to how we have a review with inaugurated officials and allocated officials, in sold around legitimizing what we already know in a communities,” she said.

Watch a full HuffPost Live review for some-more sum on a Skid Row sharpened here

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