Comedians Sound Off On Jon Stewart Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ At The ‘Night Of Too Many Stars’

What do some of America’s biggest comedians consider about Jon Stewart withdrawal “The Daily Show”? When Stewart hosted a taping of Comedy Central’s fifth “Night Of Too Many Stars”leave his longtime postbenefits autism

Some comedians on a red runner for a event’s taping Feb. 28 disagreed on only how many stars is “too many” — “Weird Al” landed on a organisation “85” while Sarah Silverman staid on a some-more regressive “no some-more than three” — though everybody pronounced replacing Stewart will be a formidable task. They also had some really opposite suggestions for what he should do in his arriving giveaway time.

Find out what stars like Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan and Gilbert Gottfried had to contend about Stewart’s preference next and watch a “Night Of Too Many Stars” promote and live telethon during 8 p.m. Sunday on Comedy Central.

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