‘Boulevard’ Star Roberto Aguire On Working With Robin Williams In Last Dramatic Role

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It can be a prolonged highway to acceptance, quite when it comes to who we are.

That view is what drives Robin Williams’ impression Nolan Mack“Boulevard.”led a waste life 

Mexican-American actor Roberto Aguire comes in as Leo, a hustler whom Nolan pays for companionship, not sex, as he tries to come to tenure with his sexuality. The 27-year-old actor spoke to The Huffington Post forward of a film’s national recover on Friday. Aguire non-stop adult about what it was like to work with Williams in his final thespian purpose and since he feels Latino actors shouldn’t be singular by a ‘Latino’ label.


“Boulevard” deals with Nolan perplexing to come to terms with his sexuality after a lifetime of suppressing it. And we execute Leo, a impression that becomes a matter for all of this. What drew we into a book a many when we initial review it? 

[Screenwriter Douglas Soesbe] has a beautifully liquid approach of essay discourse that roughly sounds like poetry. So when we review a script, immediately it prisoner me. we suspicion it was a story that had to be told.

 There is so most of this topic, generally right now, that’s prevalent in America. But it’s also unequivocally dark in America. we consider if we speak to anybody they know a chairman or they have an uncle, a brother, a son, a cousin who is in a after theatre in their life who is entrance to terms with who they unequivocally are. we consider that story has to be told, it has to be shown that it doesn’t matter if we get to a after theatre in your life, we can always make a change. You always merit to find happiness, so that was a second thing that drew me to a script.


And Leo also kind of suppresses a existence of being in a dangerous universe of masculine prostitution.   

Leo is this pleasing impression who is so formidable and so difficult within this dangerous universe that he lives in. we don’t consider he’s a run-of-the-mill hustler [laughs], to put it that way. He kind of sticks out since he has this inherited and dark attraction into life, and roughly like [a] childlike ignorance that when we see him we usually wish to give him a hug, we usually wish to tell him that it’s going to be OK. You usually wish to tell him to get out of that situation.

But for some reason, he’s stranded and he can’t get out — unequivocally most like Nolan’s trapped in something that they’re usually not happy with. But we consider in Leo’s box it manifests itself in a earthy risk and an romantic risk that he’s had to tighten down in sequence to understanding with.


“Boulevard” was Robin Williams’ final thespian performance. It’s been roughly a year since his genocide on Aug. 11, 2014.

Yeah, we was in my unit in Los Angeles and we usually remember feeling numb. we consider a approach we usually described a ubiquitous greeting to his death, that was “the anguish of a tighten friend,” is a covenant to who he was. He had this ability to be means to reason people by each impression that he did. Whether it was a thespian purpose or a comedic role, after we watch[ed] one of his cinema it was like we knew Robin Williams, we knew who he was.

The good thing about Robin is, after we had a possibility to accommodate him, that’s accurately who he was. He was this kind, generous, outrageous essence who desired to correlate with people — be with people, to uncover people who he was. we consider it speaks so rarely of him and his amiability to see a kind of greeting that people had. Everybody around a universe usually joined in this escape of adore for Robin, and that’s pleasing to see. we consider it’s so unhappy that we all mislaid such a talent of a time and such a common and pleasing tellurian being. But it’s pleasing to see how most people desired him, both a people that were tighten to him and a people that usually knew him by his movies.


Robin had a unequivocally prolonged and successful career both in comedy and drama. What was your biggest takeaway as a immature actor operative with such a legend?

So much. [laughs] It’s like a immature author saying, “I sat down with Ernest Hemingway and we schooled one thing.” It’s like, no way. There’s so most — usually to see a turn of loyalty was amazing. You’d consider that a maestro actor operative on a tiny eccentric plan sharpened over 22 days would maybe say, ‘you know what, we can maybe phone it in’ or ‘I can take a step behind and journey by this.’ we meant he could have simply with his talent; we consider a film would have still been great. But he showed adult 120 percent in each singular scene, there wasn’t a singular stage that he wasn’t floating everybody divided with his performance. It didn’t matter how tiny a stage was or how emotionally perplexing a stage was.

That’s extraordinary for a immature actor to see, that expostulate [and] that dedication. we consider today there [are] a lot of immature actors who are unequivocally lazy… celebrity-dom has done them idle since they don’t have to be most of anything to usually get in front of a camera and be a personality. To emanate a entirely shaped impression full of life, onslaught and amiability is tough. It’s not easy, and to see someone like Robin do it so facilely nonetheless so meticulously precise[ly], it’s truly inspiring.  

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As a immature Latino actor it can be quite tough to get your feet into this industry. Many find good roles in indie films, like Gina Rodriguez in “Filly Brown.” Where do we wish this event will take we in your career?

I wish that it usually opens some-more doors. It’s interesting, we consider as a Latino actor a biggest plea is being called Latino since immediately a universe has a notice of what that means. A Latino actor can’t play this and a Latino actor can’t play that since they’re Latino. Well, no. And we consider Gina Rodriguez is a pleasing instance of it. We can play anything we wish to play. Just as an Aussie can play an American or a Scot can play a Frenchman or a Peruvian can play a world’s heading neurologist, we consider Latinos can play anything. We can be anything that we wish to be; we can be any role.

I can tell we a outrageous disproportion between a Latino and [puts on a Scottish accent] a chairman from Scotland is you’ll never consider that chairman from Scotland can’t do anything. we put on a Scottish accent and people are like ‘whaaa happened?!’ But it shouldn’t be mind-blowing. Latinos can do anything. we consider that’s a biggest emanate we’re confronting right now, it’s Latinos being labeled as Latinos and being singular by it, as against to being labeled as Latino and being empowered by it. we wish that “Boulevard” is means to open a doorway for me to say, “I’m a Latino actor and we can be a chameleon, we can be anything we wish me to be.”  

 This speak has been edited and precipitated for clarity.