Jennifer Lawrence Basically Says Hollywood Can’t Body Shame Her Now That She’s A Huge Star

It’s no tip that Jennifer Lawrence loves foodthoughts on dieting

Her opinion comes after years of producers explanation her she indispensable to remove weight when she was younger, and, of course, critics claiming her physique was “too womanly” to play Katniss Evedeen

But today, with Lawrence raking in $20 million paychecksChris Pratt will make $12 million

This explanation came during a “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 

“I would wish so,” she said, pausing to consider about a rest of her answer. “That’s risky, Jennifer,” she mumbled to herself, before she released a disclaimer of sorts.

“I’m starting this new thing: I’ve attempted to rise a filter. This could blow people’s hair behind in a good way, or it could be my final time during Comic-Con.”

Thankfully, Lawrence took a risk to explain given she no longer gets records from producers explanation her she needs to dump a integrate pounds. 

“I had a review with somebody about a struggles with weight in a attention – we know that’s something we pronounce nonstop about,” Lawrence said. “And they were saying, ‘All of a categorical film stars aren’t unequivocally underweight.’ we said, ‘Yeah, given once we get to a certain place [in your career], people will sinecure you. They only wish we to be in a movie, so they don’t care.’ It’s some-more about a onslaught for a actors and actresses who haven’t

Lawrence went on to contend that given she’s during Comic-Con compelling dual mega franchises (“Mockingjay – Part 2” and “X-Men: Apocalypse”) she’s “not unequivocally in a place where we can protest or pronounce to not removing adequate roles,” though she would adore for those struggling actors who aren’t in her position to answer that same question. 

While Lawrence’s speculation is interesting, and it’s positively comforting to hear that she’s not removing a same violent requests to strew a few pounds as she was in a early days of her career, she’s also still impossibly skinny by many standards. At a unequivocally least, it would be inestimable to ask A-list actresses who have publicly struggled with their weight over a years accurately how those fluctuations have influenced a roles they’ve been offering or if they are still told they need to dump some pounds.