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This Waterfall Is Filled With Hundreds Of Baby Seals Having An Epic Cuddlefest

  • July 10, 2015

What creates a beautiful rapids travel even better? Hundreds of darling baby seals.

Every year, nearby Kaikoura, New Zealand, a vast pod of fur sign pups float down a tide to a lifelike Ohau waterfall, where they rivet in an epic cuddlefest.

The pups play nearby a rapids all around a winter (June by August), while their mothers hunt for food in a ocean

The rapids is partial of a Ohau Point Fur Seal Sanctuary3,000 seals

The best part? It’s usually a 10-minute walk

Just expostulate 16.8 miles north of Kaikoura around South Highway 1

But hurry, a pups, in all their darling glory, wait you:

The tide and rapids are technically located on private property, but, according to New Zealand’s central tourism website, a landowners work with a Department of Conservation

They’ve even erected signs to assistance indicate a approach for hikers and they’ve enlisted volunteers to make certain a seals are safe

Although we can’t join in on a cuddlefest — authorities do not concede touching a seals and ask that we give them space

D’ awwwww:

These are baby seals usually north of Kaikoura on a South Island of New Zealand during a Ohau Point Seal Colony. Every winter a babies float adult a stream and spend a day personification in a waterfall. They usually need to feed each dual days, so they usually hang out and play while their mums and dads hunt. Video: Paul Boocock/ The Factory

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