FYI, Your Christmas Lights Could Slow Down Your Wi-Fi Speed

The association published a Connected Nations 2015 report

The problem, a association pronounced in a statement, could be “something as elementary as division from other electronic devices, such as a x-ray oven, baby monitor, a flare — or even Christmas angel lights.”

As NBC News reports, electronic gadgets generate electro-magnetic fields

Daniel Carpini, clamp boss of selling at xG Technologywill have some effect

Others, however, disagree.

“We have not seen any poignant Wi-Fi division from LED Christmas lights,” a Cisco orator told NBC. “But consumers might knowledge division from Wi-Fi enabled controllers and switches that are used to spin on and off their Christmas lights.”

So if a mysteriously delayed Internet tie doesn’t make we tinge down a holiday lights, maybe your high electricity bills will.

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