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Dramatic And Terrifying Rescue Of Pro Surfer Caught On Tape

  • December 09, 2015

The video above, filmed by Matt Castiglione, shows Geiselman removing mislaid in a call before slicing to Botha’s drastic and thespian rescue. It’s misleading how most time Geiselman was underwater before Botha reached him, though Botha told Stab Magazine that when he got to Geiselman he was convinced a immature surfer was dead

“Man, we saw his face and it was only — he was in bad shape, man,” Botha told Stab. “His face was like a dim blue, purple color. His eyes rolled back, he was foaming during a mouth.”

As a absolute waves continued to bruise both men, Botha did all he could to keep both his possess and Geiselman’s conduct above water, behaving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions in between waves.

Eventually, other surfers, including World Champion Mick Fanning

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