Meteorologist Forgets Coat Hanger In Suit, Awkwardly Pulls It Out Mid-Broadcast

Hang on, Steve, your coworkers will assistance we in a minute. They only have to stop shouting first.

Fox9 Minneapolis meteorologist Steve Frazierforgot to mislay a cloak hanger from his fit jacket


“I’m sorry,” he says in a clip, interlude a news about chill as he gropes his palm around behind his neck and a hosts demeanour on, bewildered.

“The chill has a kink in your neck?” one of a anchors asks, as a other stares with an open mouth.

“I’ve got… never mind, forget it!” Frazier laughs as he pulls a offending hanger out of his coat

The anchors cradle their heads in their hands, laughing, while Frazier haltingly explains, “I… we suspicion it was only a parsimonious button, though never mind, let’s… can we only go to a weather? we couldn’t… I… never mind.”

Later in a broadcast, while delight sounds off-camera, Frazier pauses a continue news to again urge himself.

“Let me tell we a story,” he says. “I went to a gym currently and this fit was wise tight. we couldn’t figure out why, and … we must’ve put it on a small too quick.”

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