Artist’s Reimagined Cardboard Signs Help Shine A Light On Chicago’s Homeless

In a plan called a Urban Type Experiment, a Chicago art executive is redesigning homeless people’s signs assistance lift recognition about homelessness as a incomparable issue.

The art director, who chooses to sojourn anonymous, has been operative on a Urban Type Experiment for about 8 weeks. He is gripping lane of any chairman he helps, and their responses, on his Tumblr

“I’ve left my name off a site since we don’t wish a plan to turn about me,” he told The Huffington Post in an email.

Each week, he introduces himself to a opposite chairman he sees on a streets of Chicago holding a card sign. “I’ll proceed them and ask if we can speak with them,” he told HuffPost. “Usually they’re a tiny uncertain during first, though once we explain a plan and uncover them some examples, they’re some-more than peaceful to assistance out with a project.”

urban form examination sign

Once he gets permission, a art executive spends about a week illustrating a sign’s strange summary in a bold, eye-catching design. He delivers a sign, and afterwards checks behind in a week after to see if his efforts have helped. For now, a response is small, though recipients of a signs have introduced a art executive to other people who could advantage from his work. His wish is that a redesign will assistance individuals’ causes as good as incite a incomparable contention about homelessness.

The plan began when a art executive was enrolled in an fluent form class, where grown an seductiveness for hand-lettering. Walking home after category any day, he upheld mixed people on a streets holding signs and was desirous to use his skillset for a larger good.

“I feel like a signs are doing a unequivocally good pursuit of grabbing people’s courtesy and initiating some-more interactions,” he told HuffPost. “[They] give people flitting by something to speak about. It’s a review starter.”

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