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Barney Frank Sounds Off On Rumors About Aaron Schock’s Sexuality

  • March 19, 2015

Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is a latest to sound off on the determined rumorssoon-to-be-ex

In a vehement Daily Beast interview, Frank tells author Eleanor Clift that he doesn’t know if Schock is happy or not

“I don’t know a lot of true guys who go to a gym and march around with their shirts off,” Frank, who became one of a initial plainly happy members of a U.S. Congress when he came out in 1987

He afterwards added, “You have each right to remoteness nonetheless we do not have a right to go into open bureau or any other bureau and make manners that are opposite your possess behavior.”

Still, he seemed to indicate that a media should palliate adult when it came to conjecture over Schock’s sexuality, observant that a “only problem he’s got — if he’s happy –is that in a Republican Party we get punished.”

“Let’s stop treating [him] as nonetheless we’re accusing him of being a mass murderer,” he said. In courtesy to Schock’s alleged misspending of debate funds

Meanwhile, Schock’s father, Richard Schocksurprise resignation

“Aaron is a small different. He wears stylish clothing, and nonetheless he’s not gay,” a elder Schock told a network. “He’s not married, and he’s not using around with women. So, everybody’s throwing adult their arms; they can’t figure out Aaron. So he contingency be crooked.”

For his part, a 33-year-old Schock has stated that he is true or avoided questions about his sexualitycompletely absurd and inappropriate

Meanwhile, in Jan 2014, publisher Itay Hod sparked a amicable media firestorm after he seemed to out a congressmanshirtless on a Men’s Health cover spread

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