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UC President Janet Napolitano Apologizes For Calling Student Protests ‘Crap’

  • March 19, 2015

After being held on camera job a tyro criticism “crap,” University of California President Janet Napolitano apologized Thursday for her choice of difference though stood by her conflict to a demonstrations.

“Yesterday after we listened from a integrate of dozen speakers, things got a small active from a assembly in terms of chanting and throwing things and whatever,” she pronounced of Wednesday’s UC Regents meeting, according to footage common by CBS San Francisco. “I was held on a mic with a word that was unfortunate

A few dozen students came to a assembly to criticism next year’s widely contested fee hike

As a students got louder, private their wardrobe and began throwing feign money, a San Francisco Chronicle shave of a meeting’s live tide held Napolitano branch to UC Regents Chairman Bruce Varner and saying, “Let’s go. We don’t have to listen to this crap

Napolitano and a UC Regents have been a theme of protests given they authorized a fee travel in Nov that would lift fee 5 percent per year for 5 years

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