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17 Canadians among new accusers in Peter Nygard rape lawsuit

  • April 23, 2020

Seventeen Canadian women have come brazen accusing conform noble Peter Nygard of rape and passionate assault, adding their allegations to an general rape lawsuit involving 46 women in total.

Three of a Canadian women contend they were 16 years aged or younger when a purported assaults took place. One says she was 14. Nine of a assaults are purported to have taken place in Canada.

The allegations are contained in an updated class-action authorised censure filed in New York on Monday by polite lawyers behaving for a organisation of women who contend they were raped by Nygard.

The censure also names several Canadian Nygard executives, claiming they “conspired,” “concealed” and “enabled” their boss’s purported rapist behaviour.

None of a allegations have been proven in court.

“Nygard used his substantial change in a conform industry, his wealth, his energy by crime of officials, and a network of association employees underneath his direction, to kidnap, husband and tempt children and women,” a censure says.

“The Nygard Companies, by Nygard and a tighten ring of upper-level executives and employees, intentionally and invariably conspired with Nygard to enable, act as a front, and disguise Nygard’s rapist activity.”

Nygard denies allegations

Nygard, by his spokesperson Ken Frydman, says a allegations are all untrue.

“Mr. Nygard vehemently denies these groundless allegations and looks brazen to clearing his name and a names of others who have been so fast and secretly accused,” Frydman pronounced in a created statement.

The nice class-action censure is a delay of a polite class-action lawsuit launched in New York opposite Nygard in February.

The Nygard company’s Toronto headquarters. (Paul Smith/CBC)

The strange lawsuit involves 10 complainants who lay Nygard raped them. All though one of them were from a Bahamas, where Nygard owns a magnificent strand mansion.

The new lawsuit involves women who came brazen after a strange claim, alleging rapes in opposite locales around a world, including Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto.

“Canada is a outrageous cause in a lawsuit now,” pronounced Lisa Haba, one of a lawyers behaving for a complainants.

“More than a third of a victims are from Canada.”

Canadian complainants

The Canadian allegations embody a woman, referred to as Jane Doe No. 15, who says she was flown to Winnipeg for a modelling job. The censure says she was hold “captive” for 3 days by Nygard and regularly raped.

“After 3 days, Jane Doe No. 15 was means to escape,” a censure says. “She was told by Nygard’s nephew not to news Nygard’s crimes to a Winnipeg military since Nygard ‘owns them.'”

Another says she attended a celebration during Nygard’s bureau in Toronto when she was 16 years old. She claims Nygard unperceiving and raped her.

A third says she was 15 when Nygard pushed her into a lavatory during a Winnipeg restaurant and raped her. She says Nygard knew her father, who was in a fur business during a time.

Another, referred to as Jane Doe No. 18, met Nygard during a airfield in Montreal. The explain says she was offering a float to her “dormitory.” On a approach she says Nygard stopped to dump his bags off during his apartment. 

“Nygard invited Jane Doe No. 18 adult to his unit to wait for him,” a censure says. “While during a apartment, Nygard forcibly raped Jane Doe No. 18.” She was 19 years aged during a time.

The youngest complainant says she was only 14 when she met Nygard in Winnipeg, where she grew up.

Brandon G. Stranzl, left, then-chairman of Sears Canada Inc., with Nygard, graphic in 2015 during a Sears store in Winnipeg. (Sears Canada around The Canadian Press)

“Nygard picked Jane Doe No. 44 adult on a travel where young, teenagers collected on several occasions,” a censure says.

“Nygard betrothed Jane Doe No. 44 that he would fly her to California, where he could take her to parties with drugs and alcohol. Nygard gathering Jane Doe No. 44 to a Nygard Companies skill in Winnipeg on several occasions and paid her for verbal sex. Nygard would afterwards expostulate Jane Doe No. 44 behind to where he picked her up.”

Lawsuit says employees knew

The censure says several of Nygard’s comparison employees were wakeful of and helped cover adult his purported crimes in sequence to distinction from his code and company.

“Until recently, Nygard has mostly been means to overpower his victims, with a assistance of a Nygard Companies and their upper-level executives and employees, by several strategy including intimidation, threats of retribution, bribery, payoffs and forced non-disclosure agreements,” a censure says.

“We have corroborating justification that any one of [the named comparison employees] really knew what was going on and in some ability enabled him to continue,” said Haba.

WATCH | Nygard company restructures:

In February, a FBI raided Nygard’s offices in New York and California. Following that, Nygard pronounced he would step down as authority of his association and deprive his tenure stake.

In March, a Manitoba decider systematic a association into receivership. The Nygard chain, headquartered in Winnipeg, operated 169 sell stores in North America and had 1,450 employees worldwide.

Nygard, by his spokespeople, has regularly blamed a allegations on an ongoing argument with his neighbour in a Bahamas, late billionaire sidestep account manager Louis Bacon.

“These claims … are a product of a well-funded and well-documented intrigue by Louis Bacon to compensate women to fashion stories about him,” Nygard orator Frydman said in his statement.

“Peter Nygard looks brazen to exposing a sum of a billionaire-backed swindling Louis Bacon has orchestrated for years, that sadly now depends as a victims a some-more than 1,400 people who worked for a Nygard companies and relied on those jobs to support themselves and their families.”

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