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What did yesterday’s eclipse look like photographed by a Game Boy Camera?

  • August 22, 2017

The Game Boy Camera is still one of the most fascinating pieces of hardware that Nintendo has ever produced. Created in 1998 and now well beyond warranty at this point, plenty of gamers still take marvelous photographs with it and share them through the magic of the internet, far beyond the reaches Nintendo ever imagined upon its release.

One of these gamers is zhx, who used his Game Boy Camera to snap up a picture of yesterday’s eclipse. You might have heard about it in the news. However, none of the photos you saw are quite as original or impressive as this.

zhx explained that the picture was taken on a whim and was not treated in any way.

Not zoomed in, the sun itself is a very small part of the picture, the dark circle is just a crazy halo effect. No filter either, I didn’t even get a pair of glasses to look at it; had to kinda wing it, haha

The process of getting such a solid photo off the Game Boy Camera and into a PC is the hard part.

Pretty convoluted process. I shot it on my backlit DMG, then I use the Interact Mega Memory card on my Pocket (the camera doesn’t fit in the DMG with the Mega Memory) and back the SAV file up to the Mega Memory. Then I plug my USB 64M cart into the MM and restore the file to that, which I can then plug into my computer and retrieve (I use EMS-Qart for that part). Then I can open the SAV file in either GBCamera Dump or this site which provides a pretty drag-and-drop front end for this task. I then typically enlarge the BMPs in Photoshop and export to PNG.

Still, totally worth it though. The Game Boy Camera was well beyond its time, and it’s still a fun product to use even to this day.

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