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This ROM hack combines Yoshi’s Island with Sonic 2, and it’s magical

  • April 02, 2017

Earlier this week, a video flew through my Twitter feed of what looks like Sonic 2 with a baby Sonic and Yoshi moving through its opening stage. It is. It’s not faked. It’s a real ROM hack, and you can totally get it online.

That same user links to this completely legitimate-seeming file, which also had me laughing.

Matthew Green from Press The Buttons dropped a link to an amazing Youtube video in the chain of tweets that shows 14 minutes of play. That video includes a separate link to the ROM hack. You have it twice now!

This ROM hack is not new

The YouTube description from the video above indicates that the original work was done by a user named Xenowhirl. This was part of a Sonic hacking contest back in 2010. The ROM hack is only now catching popularity as its surfaced online thanks to tweets like the one above.

I know it’s what I’m goofing off with this weekend, how about you?

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