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The best brooms to sweep your home inside and out

  • March 26, 2020

The Evrilholder FURemover Pet Broom is excellent for cleaning up any mess that your pet leaves behind. This versatile broom can be used to collect animal lint and fur on shallow carpets, rugs, tile, hardwood, and laminate. Included with this broom is a portable hand-held lint brush.

Not only is this broom great for cleaning up after your pet on the floor, but it is also great for cleaning up nose prints and paw prints left on your doors and windows too. This Evrilholder pet broom is prepared for everything pet-related and comes equipped with a squeegee edge that is built into its design. This squeegee edge can also be used to clean up any accidents that your puppy may have during potty training.

This pet broom is made from 100% rubber, which acts as a magnet for pet hair. To clean this broom, wash it with soap and water.

The telescopic handle allows you to adjust the height between 36-60 inches to make using this broom as comfortable as possible. Although it is light, weighing only 1.61 pounds, it is durable and can handle light scrubbing. Some customers mention that the handle can become loose over time.

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