Stranger Things creators already working on season 3

Stranger Things 2 may have only debuted on Netflix on Friday, but that isn’t stopping the Duffer Brothers from already looking ahead to the third season.

In a spoiler-filled interview with Deadline to celebrate the release of Stranger Things 2, the Duffer Brothers revealed that they are already hard at work on the third season of their hit series. Specifically, Ross Duffer said:

The hardest thing with this story is that we were tracking these multiple storylines and having them sort of build about at the same pace as to crescendo at the same time. It’s always the hardest part as we move into writing.

Like we’re starting on Season 3 now, it’s always the most difficult thing just to get those to build simultaneously. It’s always a challenge, and so we’re still learning. I mean, we’re trying to do this eight-hour, nine-hour movie so to get that pacing just right, you know, it’s always hard.

If you have not yet finished Stranger Things 2, we highly recommend you do not read this lengthy interview at this time as several spoilers are spelled out in detail.

Previously the Duffer Brothers have said they see the series running four to five seasons, and they do have a basic endpoint to the story in mind.

As of this writing, Netflix has not officially renewed Stranger Things for another season, but it seems highly unlikely that the streaming service will part ways with the Duffer Brothers any time soon. They have also stated that they imagine they will stick with a period of approximately 15 months between seasons meaning Stranger Things 3 may not appear until January 2019 at the earliest.

That’s okay, we can just rewatch season 1 and 2… again… to tide us over.

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